Can Technology Really Help with Your Stress?

Many of us live very fast-paced lives, and stress affects us much more than we care to admit, often causing disruption at work and in our personal lives. If you’ve been feeling overstressed recently, taking a moment to de-stress doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.

Technology offers a variety of ways to reduce your stress, and many tech-related tools for stress relief aren’t expensive. Even better – most are available as apps, and on gadgets, you already have such as your smartphone. Here is some of the latest technology to help you with de-stress.


Tuning in with technology – WellBe

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what exactly is triggering your stress, even when you feel its aftereffects. WellBe is a bracelet that monitors your heart rate throughout the day and works in sync with your smartphone to track where you are when your stress levels are rising.

You can also let the app know who you’re with at specific times, so you can later check how your stress levels are affected. Most importantly, this app provides the tools you need to de-stress, mainly in the form of meditations. After WellBe’s recommendations, you can check if your stress levels are lower.

Meditate Me

Meditation is a great way to de-stress that has been well-researched, but it’s not always easy to quiet the mind. Guided meditations, such as those in the Meditate Me app, are a good way to start. Since the meditation recordings vary in length, the app is useful even when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Meditate Me takes meditation a step further by combining binaural beats, which have been shown to affect performance and mood, with breathing techniques.

 Managing productivity, managing stress –


Technology in and of itself can be stressful. Gadgets can malfunction, connections can be lost, and you may have even experienced a data breach at some point or another. If you’re worried about your privacy when online, ExpressVPN is an app you shouldn’t go without.

It secures your internet connection and hides your IP address (which is how your location is shared online), among other things. Using it on all your internet-enabled devices will help cut down on the likelihood of being hacked, so you can browse the net stress-free!


A lack of organization or simply not having something when you need it can be stressful and even more so when that something happens to be a work-related document. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service where you can organize your files. It syncs across all your devices, so you’ll never be without your data again!

Adding files to your computer from your smartphone or vice versa is another hassle that Dropbox provides a solution for. With just a few taps on your phone, you’ll have your files sent to your account, and when you’re on the computer, you can simply drag and drop files where needed. You can view files offline as well, so you can access them anytime.


It’s hard to manage day-to-day life if you don’t get to sleep on time. Less-than-restful sleep is also a common stressor. Sticking to a routine, sleeping in a cool room and owning a comfortable mattress can all help, but did you know that avoiding blue light during the night can as well?

Blue light is present mainly on screens and LED displays. Exposure to it at night might affect your circadian rhythm, but avoiding your phone or tablet at night isn’t practical. Instead, use Twilight, which will allow you to filter out blue light on your mobile devices. It’ll also adjust your display based on the time of day and is fully customizable.

Reducing Stress with Tech

Though stress is common, it doesn’t have to get the best of you. Reducing stress is possible in more ways than you might’ve imagined. You don’t have to look far to find the help you need. Apps and other tech tools are simple and cost-effective ways to manage stress. Most of all, they can fit into just about anyone’s lifestyle.

Do you believe technology will be able to help you with your stress? Share your thoughts with us.

About the Author: Cassie is a health and wellness blogger, as well as a tech enthusiast. Given the chance, she enjoys sharing tips on how technology can improve our lifestyles.


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