Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]

Rick Hanson on Letting Go

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The practices — simple actions inside your mind — light up neural networks of deep well-being and resilience. And because “neurons that fire together, wire together,” each time you do a practice, it strengthens key neural circuits like building a muscle in the gym. Each practice is grounded in modern neuroscience, positive psychology, Rick’s background […]


Yoga: Meditation Minute

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A short guided meditation session by Karen Fabian, founder of Bare Bones Yoga.


Yoga: Easy Deep Breathing Exercises

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Feeling stressed? Deep breathing is the best way to feel better, FAST! Follow along as Karen Fabian, Founder of


How Mindfulness Can Help Resolve Childhood Trauma

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The mindfulness resurgence has been a gift to us all especially in our fast paced and un-present tech-driven lifestyles. While empirical research has yet to officially conclude that mindfulness is effective with trauma/PTSD, good trauma therapists have known for decades that being aware of a trigger instead of being the trigger is the start to […]


Interoception: the potential of embodied mindfulness

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By Contributing writer and trauma recover expert, Dave Emerson At the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, we have been using modified yoga as an adjunctive treatment for complex trauma since 2003. Complex trauma is a clinical phenomenon that describes what happens when people live in chronically abusive and/or neglectful environments which is particularly pernicious when […]


Our deeper nature usually prevails, and what a relief when it does. Remember the big hair of the 1980s?  It was a time when young men and women alike where subjecting themselves to a head full of chemicals followed by gobs of sticky, slimy, hair gel.   Madonna or Michael, Whitney, or Cameron, we wanted that […]


40 Days of Letting Go: Day 23 ~ Stay open to love

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You might be wearing a heavy coat of armour.  It may have served you well in the past.  Perhaps you had to protect yourself from unreliable caregivers, or the disappointment of untrustworthy friends.   It was quite brilliant of you to don this armour under these circumstances.   But the problem with wearing armour is […]


Gabor Maté takes a mindful look at addiction, in all its forms:


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Challenge Your Anxious Thoughts

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Chatting with your anxiety.


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Breathe your way to happiness

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Breathe your way to happiness on and off the job.