Mindfulness Basics

mindfulness for the rest of us. Tools anyone can use to live a more calm, centered, meaningful life.

The Science of Mindfulness Presented in Three Minutes

With so many benefits of mindfulness summarized for you here in three minutes, you’ll want to have your cushion handy for minutes four, five and six….. We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

Mindful Breathing 

Breathing techniques that help balance energy, improve concentration, and promote clarity.

Mindful Happiness

Cultivate sustainable happiness with these gentle mindfulness exercises.

Self-Care September – Tip #8:  Reflect with self-compassion

Self-Care September – Tip #8: Reflect with self-compassion

At sundown this evening the Jewish high holiday Rosh Hashanah begins, and marks the beginning of ten days to reflect on the past year.  Even though I was raised Catholic, and I’m now a Unitarian/Buddhist/Pagan…. something, I’ve always liked this idea of taking time to reflect.  Reflection at its best…

Self-Care September – Tip #5:  Unitasking

Self-Care September – Tip #5: Unitasking

I really did this one day: I picked up our house phone to call my husband at his office and at the same time, with my other hand, using my other ear, picked up my Iphone to check messages. Yup, that really happened. But was I really doing two things at…