Young Adults

This year mindful hub will have a special focus on the unique needs of millennial young adults. Check back often to view excerpts from Donna Torney’s forthcoming book, Center Points for Young Adults: Building identity, intimacy, and youthful wisdom through contemplative practices.

The Science of Mindfulness Presented in Three Minutes

With so many benefits of mindfulness summarized for you here in three minutes, you’ll want to have your cushion handy for minutes four, five and six….. We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

The Science and Art of Yogic Napping

Yoga nidra (which means “yogic sleep”) is an ancient form of deep relaxation.    When I first heard about yoga nidra I was skeptical, since I’ve  tried using different variations of the body scan over the years with little success.  Like a lot of people I have a hard time…