Mindfulness Basics

Last night at dusk I found myself in search of the elusive woodcock.  Encouraged by friends who are avid birdwatchers, my family left the the parking lot of our local Audubon Center and set out about a half-mile into the slushy April woods of our Southeastern Massachusetts home.  There were about a dozen of us in […]


Make Napping the New Black

by Donna Torney on January 13, 2017 · 0 comments

The other day I mentioned that I felt guilty after taking a nap.  Luckily I have some kind friends who answered with loving responses, encouraging me to rest.  If only our culture would do the same.  If only we were allowed, like bears, to turn off our metabolism, tuck in the kids, and wake up […]


Let things be unfinished.  Stop folding the laundry and go to bed.  Leave the dishes and take a walk with a friend. One of the central tenets of the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi is that nothing is ever finished.    Think about this idea for a second or two….Isn’t that freeing?  It is a […]


Gentle Fall Transition: Day Eight – Change your mind

by Donna Torney on September 14, 2016 · 0 comments

You have the right to change your mind. Summer is about to end.  Schedules are filling up.  Did you over-commit yourself?  Did you sign up for a class you don’t like?  Join a committee that is cutting into family time?  Say yes to a second date you aren’t sure about?  You have the right to […]


While you go about your Saturday chores, try scheduling in pleasant events.  We don’t think twice about putting the upcoming dentist appointment or routine car repair in our calendar, but we often leave pleasant events up to chance. Try this:  Today, go through your calendar and schedule in a pleasant event every day through the […]


How much to pack into the stream of life?

by Donna Torney on September 7, 2016 · 0 comments

Dan Siegal talks about the “river of wellness.”  On one bank we have rigidity.  This is behavior that is inflexible, guarded, unforgiving.  On the other bank we have It’s hard to swim in the middle of the river if we try to pack too much into the stream of life.  Too much activity can cause […]


What will you do with your free time this summer?  Here are some suggestions to boost your quotient of peace and ease: Let’s start with an idea for the kids. Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, is a time-tested gem.  I discovered this series when my youngest two children were nine and twelve (the books are […]


One of the basic tenets of mindfulness known as “beginner’s mind” describes the practice of seeing a well-known situation with a fresh perspective.   How we often act in the presence of someone we “know well” can help illustrate the opposite of beginner’s mind, which could be called “expert mind,” or “know-it-all mind,” where we […]


The good and bad of journaling

by Donna Torney on June 1, 2016 · 1 comment

Is Journaling a mindful activity or is it just a way to strengthen bad thought patterns and hang on to bad feelings? Recently I went through some old journals I’ve been keeping for writing ideas.  I was struck by some of my repetitive “story lines.”   Frankly I became bored very quickly with these old […]

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You Already Know This Stuff

by Donna Torney on May 29, 2016 · 0 comments

As you practice the stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive behavior techniques found at mindful hub its helpful to remember that you already know this stuff. You are not an anxious person trying to learn how to be calm.  You are a calm person who has spent too much time practicing being anxious.  Being calm is […]