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Stretch Your Upper Body at Work

Spending extended periods of time at a desk and/or on a computer closes off our heart and adversely effects our attitude and physical well-being. Follow along this quick stretching exercise for positive outcomes.

For the all the gritty scrappers ….

For the all the gritty scrappers ….

Are you a gritty scrapper or do you love someone who is?  The title of this Ted talk is misleading – while the presenter does address resume writing, it’s much more of an ode to post-traumatic growth.  It’s worth the ten minutes, and you will get your daily dose of…

Running Towards Yourself – Mindful Exercise

Running Towards Yourself – Mindful Exercise

Because of my busy schedule, I often feel I need to make a choice between getting some physical exercise and formal meditation practice.  But the truth is you can do both at the same time. A walk, run, or spin on an exercise bike can be another item to check…

Gentle Fall Transition:  Day Five – Remember fun movement

Gentle Fall Transition: Day Five – Remember fun movement

 There’s no way around it.  It’s difficult to be in the present moment if you don’t pay attention to your physical needs – including movement.  You and your child need not be a part of an organized team to enjoy moving your body. Studies show that physical exercise increases cognitive…

Slow is the new fast!

Slow is the new fast!

 The accelerated pace of our culture makes the idea of slowing down seem comical.  Yet lately I’ve noticed a couple of times where my mindfulness practice has helped me to consciously slow down.  Last summer I bought a “comfort bike” – which is exactly what it sounds like – a…

Yoga: Meditation Minute

A short guided meditation session by Karen Fabian, founder of Bare Bones Yoga.   Subscribe today. Discover The Everday Mindfulness Toolbox. If you are looking for practical tools that you can integrate into your everyday life – at home, work, or elsewhere – then look no more! You need the…

Yoga: Office Stretch and Meditation

Got 8 minutes in the middle of your workday? Watch Karen Fabian, Founder of Bare Bones Yoga, in this video for a few healthy stretches and a quick breathing and meditation exercise. You’ll feel better afterwards, your focus will increase, your attention span improve and you’ll be investing in your…

Yoga: Poses to Help You Let Go

You’ve heard about “letting go” in yoga class or from friends and family that want you to release tension and negative emotions from your body and mind. But how do you do it? Watch as Karen Fabian, Founder of Bare Bones Yoga, demonstrates 4 yoga poses that will help you…

Yoga: Three Key Balancing Poses

If you’re feeling out of balance, try some balancing postures! Aside from feeling more grounded and stable, you’ll be strengthening your ankles and legs. If you’ve have children around, encourage them to do these poses with you. Kids naturally take to yoga and they love to try to balance! Let Karen Fabian, Founder of Bare Bones Yoga, show you 3 key balancing postures. For more information, see Bare Bones Yoga.

Why Kids Need Yoga

Why Kids Need Yoga

Kids are people too!  Read the great article by contributing writer and yoga teacher Karen Fabian.  Get in touch with Karen at bare bones yoga for more information on helping your child manage stress with yoga: I just got done teaching a kid’s yoga class and I am so inspired,…


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